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Dog / Pet Sitting

Professional Pet Sitting Services: Your Pet's Comfort, Our Priority

At Dog Digs, we understand that your pets are not just animals; they are beloved members of your family. When you need to be away from home, whether it's for a few hours, an overnight stay, or an extended vacation, our pet sitting services provide the love, care, and attention your furry companions deserve.

About Our Pet Sitting Services

Our pet sitting services are designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of your pets. We offer a comprehensive range of options:

  1. In-Home Pet Visits: We'll visit your pets at your house, providing feeding, walks, playtime, and companionship. This keeps your pets in their familiar environment, reducing stress and anxiety.

  2. Overnight Stays/Extended stays: we can also provide overnight stays at your house. This ensures your pets have continuous care and companionship throughout the night. This option is available for holidays also  

  3. Small Animal Hosting: While we are unable to host dogs at our location, we are happy to accommodate small animals like cats, rabbits, birds, and other critters at our house. They will receive the same love and attention as if they were at home.

  4. Evening Care: Need to go out for dinner with friends or have a special date night? We offer an evening care service, where we look after your dog at their home for a set number of hours. This allows you to enjoy your evening worry-free while knowing your pet is in good hands.

Why Choose Dog Digs Pet Sitting?

  1. Peace of Mind: Leave home with confidence, knowing that your pets are in the hands of experienced and dedicated pet sitters.

  2. Customized Care: We understand that each pet has individual needs. Our services are tailored to accommodate your pet's specific requirements, whether they need feeding, walks, playtime, or just some company.

  3. Flexible Scheduling: Whether you need daytime visits, overnight stays, or evening care, we offer flexible scheduling options to suit your needs.

  4. Home Security: While caring for your pets, we also ensure your home remains secure by bringing in the mail, adjusting lights, and maintaining a lived-in appearance.

How It Works

  1. Initial Consultation: We'll arrange an initial consultation to meet you and your pets. This is an opportunity for us to get to know your pets, discuss their routines, and gather essential information to provide the best care.

  2. Customized Care Plan: Based on our discussion, we'll create a customized care plan that includes feeding, exercise, playtime, and any other specific requests.

  3. Regular Updates: While you're away, we'll send you updates and photos of your pets to keep you connected and reassured.

  4. Peaceful Return: When you return home, you'll find your pets content, well-fed, and in a clean environment.


Our pricing for pet sitting services varies based on the type and duration of care needed. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

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